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Videos featuring: Art Appraisals with Warwick NY's Michael Bertolini; BBC and Van Gogh

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Art Deco
An art movement popular between World War I and II that featured mass-produced objects with angular designs, ancient Egyptian motifs, and streamlined shapes of reminiscent of airplanes.

A style of art and architecture prevalent in Europe during the 17th and early 18th centuries, typified by the Palace of Versailles and characterized by ponderous, highly elaborate ornament.

Federal furniture
In the field of American antiques, a highly valued style of furniture made in the period directly following the independence of the United States (1786) until about 1810, and featuring classical Greek and Roman motifs. contains information about the three villages of Warwick NY, Florida NY, Greenwood Lake, and Warwick NY, and its eight hamlets, Amity, Bellvale, Edenville, Greenwood Forest Farms, Little York, New Milford, Pine Island, and Sterling Forest. Also included are Sugar Loaf NY and Vernon NJ. © Business Demographics Inc. All rights reserved | Find it in the Warwick Valley! Site Map