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Adrienne Battaglino,
1 Doe Run, Warwick, NY • Tel: 845-258-4218 or Click here>
Jacinthe Battaglino,
1 Doe Run, Warwick, NY Warwick | Tel: 845-258-4218 or Click here for more info!
Barbara Bressi, 48 Chardavoyne Road, Warwick, NY
Joyce Bruner, 10 County Highway 5, Greenwood Lake, NY
Annie Colonna/Shop Assistant at Bandwagon
Fran Bannigan Cox, 7 Greystone Court, Warwick, NY
Karen Decher, 37 Pumpkin Hill Road, Warwick, NY
David Eddy, 113 Kings Hwy, Warwick, NY | Call 845-986-8184
Rosalyn Fassett, 56 Forester Ave., Warwick, NY
Tracy Finn, 60 Ackerman Road, Warwick, NY
Jason Gaillard, 62 Main St., Warwick, NYPortraits, murals, figurative works of art
Dr. Nik Gapeto (William Pearson)
P.O. Box 1135 Warwick, NY
Call 845-986-2221 for more info!
David Horton, 15 Wawayanda Road, Warwick, NY
Phyllis Lehman, 360 County Route 1A, Warwick, NY
Sarah E. McHugh, Warwick NY
Call 845-987-8748 or Click here for more info!
Susan Hope Fogel , Paintings, 3 Points of View, Warwick, NY | Call 845-986-4051
Butch Muller, 25 Horseshoe La., Warwick, NY | Call 845-258-1063
Jane Naples, Iron Mountain Framing, Robert Fletcher Gallery, 7 Wisner Road, Warwick, NY
Judith Pedersen and Michael Newhard, Maple Ave., Warwick, NY
Kate Stamps
2 Iron Mountain Road, Warwick, NY 10990 | Call 845/544-2592 for more info!
Jonathan Talbot, 7 Amity Rd., Warwick, NY | Call 845-258-4620
Warwick Valley Telephone Cover Artists
Ping Xu, 638 Jersey Ave., Greenwood Lake, NY
Eugenia (Jean) Zaccardi, The Wind Horse Gallery, Greenwood Lake, NY
Lisa Zukowski, 41 Ackerman Road, Warwick, NY | Call 845-987-8507

John Battaglino,
Lithographic prints • Full range photographic services • Traditional silver gelatin prints • Alternative printing processes • Digital imaging & proofing • Freelance services & instructional programs • Weddings and Events • We offer full day and partial day coverage, for both photography and video. Our packages include a proof folio of all pictures taken, as well as a disk with all of the processed images (along with a copyright release for images). This allows our customers to use the images for whatever purpose they wish at a substancial cost savings. Other studio's charge additional fees for any prints or albums, etc that are ordered.
1 Doe Run, Warwick, NY | Tel: 845-258-4218 or Click here for more info!
John DeSanto, Photographer, 51 Woodside Ave., Wawick, NY
Steven R. Carver (SRC Studios)
Photographic Artist, Warwick, NY • 845-986-5470
Rachel Durland,
13A Oakland Ave., Warwick, NY 10990 | Call 845-986-5595 for more info!
Yvonne Muller Photography
Bellvale, NY • Call 845-987-1618
Diane Pell, Warwick, NY e-mail: | Studio located on Main St., Warwick, NY
Call 845-986-1268 for more info!
David Silver,
36 Horizon Farms, Warwick, NY
Paul Taylor Imaging,
P.O. Box 586, Warwick, NY 10990 | Call 845-651-5410
Nick Zungoli, The Exposures Gallery,
1357 King's HIghway, Sugar Loaf, NY • Call 845-469-9382 for more info!

See Ceramics & Pottery>
Dr. Nik Gapeto (William Pearson) P.O. Box 1135 Warwick, NY
Call 845-986-2221

Phyllis Klein, 29 Jones Road, Warwick, NY

Carol Hope Arber, 48 Points of View, Warwick, NY
Fran Bannigan Cox, 7 Greystone Court, Warwick, NY
Arthur Georgalas, 19 Jones Road, Warwick, NY | Found object sculpture
Hudson Valley Sculpture Society | Click here for more info!
Barbara Bressi, 48 Chardavoyne Road, Warwick, NY


James Haggart, Chainsaw Carvings | Outdoor Studio on Rte. 94, Vernon, NJ
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