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80% of what we communicate to each other is through non-verbal techniques (facial expressions and body language) which social media omit. We must be cautious, therefore, of our reliance upon media channels which obscure our inherent human expression.

Peter has extensive experience in the wine industry and ran the New York market for Moet-Hennessy and the Robert Mondavi Winery. He was director of marketing for The CIT Group and served on the board of directors for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and CONEXPO; he also served as director of marketing for McGraw-Hill Information Services. Peter then joined Nordstrom and launched their corporate services division. He has appeared on MSNBC and was a contributor to Men’s Wardrobe, published by Chic Simple in 1998. He has written for TSNN, the leading trade show information resource in the US, and frequently provides information for northeast Public Radio station WAMC and TV News 12 Hudson Valley. He has been a frequent guest on Cablevision’s Neighborhood Journal program, on Channel 78.

As creative director of marketing for a digital marketing agency and for the Incubation, Commercialization, and Acceleration Network of NY (iCANny.net), Peter helps communities grow by improving their visibility through website design, traditional print media, and other marketing solutions.

In 2003 he and his wife, Sondra, introduced a new web-based directory for the Warwick Valley, called WarwickInfo.net, designed to enhance the flow of information about businesses, activities, and events taking place in the lower Hudson Valley communities of Vernon Township, Warwick Township, and Sugar Loaf. He has been an active volunteer for many community organizations and events, including The Children’s Book Festival, Warwick in Bloom, The Warwick Farmers’ Market, The Summer Arts Festival, the Artists’ Open Studio Tour, Saint Stephen’s parish, and others. He designed and edited the final document that allowed the Town of Warwick, under the direction of John Hicks, to purchase the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility from the State of New York. He has developed websites and branding enhancements for a number of community organizations, including the Warwick Historical Society, the Florida Chamber of Commerce Farmers Market, the Vernon Chamber of Commerce, Vernon Earthfest, Village of Greenwood Lake, and other organizations.

At iCANny.net, the Incubation, Commercialization, and Acceleration Network of NY (one of 10 certified business development organizations by NYSERDA, and a NYSTAR – New York State Technology and Research–Certified Business Incubator), Peter is always on the lookout for new businesses, products, and services. iCANny.net is currently collaborating with several co-working establishments in the Metro New York area by providing them with an infrastructure of supportive services comprised of a network of specialists who have agreed to work at below-market rates to help convert clients’ business concepts into a commercial reality. Success stories so far include businesses involved in clean energy power and storage and other business sectors including med tech, financial, and information technology. Peter is a graduate of Marquette University and has an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University.




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How to Transition From Print Design to Digital Design

How to Transition From Print Design to Digital Design

Oct 2017 https://skillcrush.com/2017/10/25/how-to-transition-from-print-design-to-digital-design/

While the similarities between print and digital design mean you’ll be starting the transition with a good foundation of transferrable skills, you’ll still need to pick up some new skills and terminology to account for the differences. For Peter Lyons Hall, Chief Digital Marketing Architect at iCANny, one of the easiest ways to start retooling your skillset is through a simple shift in perspective—the transition from print to digital design means thinking about screens instead of paper.

To start with some basics, Hall points out that the color modes for print and web design are significantly different. Print design uses the CMYK format (colors that can be divided into Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) while web design uses RGB (Red, Green, and Blue). These two formats follow different rules, so any color scheme displayed on a computer screen in RGB needs to be converted to CMYK for print, and vice-versa.

The vast majority of viewers will be accessing your website on a smartphone screen (mobile and tablet internet usage officially exceeded desktop usage worldwide—51.3 percent to 48.7 percent—in 2016), so Hall says it’s crucial to focus on how your design will look in that format. Design for smartphone screens and other devices is calculated in pixels, and since pixels are likely a new measurement if you’re coming from print, Hall says it’s handy to bookmark a universal converter like this one, which will let you convert pixels to inches.

Quoted in Magazine Article

Quoted in Magazine Article

Aug 2013 Retail Leader Magazine

Quoted in July/August edition of Retail Leader: Big Enough to Prosper: The Nation’s Independent Grocers are Holding Their Own Through a Commitment to Serving Customers’ Needs, by Ann Meyer. “. . .It’s really consumer awareness that’s become the trigger, says Peter Lyons Hall, creative director for Warwickinfo.net, a directory of retailers [and other businesses] in Warwick Township, NY. Consumer interest in how food is farmed combined with recent food safety scares have strengthened demand for products from local producers and retailers, says Hall.”

Outstanding Award to Business

Outstanding Award to Business

Jul 2008  Vernon NJ Chamber of Commerce

In honor of time, service , and outstanding contributions to the Vernon Chamber.